Jeff Bishop jbishop at nwu.edu
Sat Feb 4 15:44:38 EST 1995

rdbeasley at dal.mobil.com (Roy Beasley) wrote:

> The Right vs Left thing is a little confusing.  The far right likes to think
> of themselves as good Christians.  Charity seems like a Christain thing. 
> Maybe welfare is a right-wing thing.

OK - since some people just can't seem to get it, let me spell out the difference
between charity and welfare:

charity: you give some of your money because you want to help someone
welfare: you give someone else's money because you think that such
	 aid is a "right" rather than a privilege.  You also give a little
	 of your own money because you know you'll get arrested if you

Comparing voluntary charity to welfare spending is like comparing 
consensual sex to rape.

> >Of course the same thing could be said for #4 since many believe that the US 
> >Constitution was never meant to apply to anyone but citizens in the first 
> >place.
> Certain parts of the Constitution appear to apply to all men (all men are
> created equal and endowed by their Creator with  . . . . something to that
> effect although the words may not be exact).

Nice try, but the Declaration of Independence is not part of the Constitution.
Besides, "men" is an ambiguous term - it may mean all males or it may mean
all people.

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