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Sat Feb 4 00:38:16 EST 1995

macgyver at xensei.com writes:

>In article <3gp3q6$ppk at ccnet3.ccnet.com>, smatthew at ccnet.com wrote:
>> I am doing a poll on several subjects for my speech and debate class:
>> 1. Eliminating Welfare
>> 2. Lifting the embargo on Cuba
>> 3. Legalize Prostituion
>> 4. Pass a Nationwide Prop 187
>> 5. Eliminate Arms sales to foreign nations
>> 6. Banning the media from trials.
>I disagree with your wording of these statements.  You're asking people to
>side *fully* with an extreme position ...or not at all.  These statements
>are clearly slanted left of center.  It would have been better to say
>"Overhaul Welfare" rather than "Eliminate..."  Much better to say
>"Restrict media access" than to outright "ban" it.  Prop 187 is also an
>extreme measure, even for those who favor a similar (yet scaled down)
>I suggest that the next time you poll, try to get an *accurate* count. 
>This is only accomplished by wording without such a clear agenda.  I
>believe that most Americans are moderate... neither utterly conservative,
>nor completely liberal.  What's wrong with middle-of-the-road?

Why don't you just calm down and take a stress break.  There is no clear agenda
in the words that are used.  You're hypersensitive.  

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