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Fri Feb 3 22:30:00 EST 1995

smatthew at ccnet.com wrote:
: I am doing a poll on several subjects for my speech and debate class:
: 1. Eliminating Welfare
: 2. Lifting the embargo on Cuba
: 3. Legalize Prostituion
: 4. Pass a Nationwide Prop 187
: 5. Eliminate Arms sales to foreign nations
: 6. Banning the media from trials.

: If you want to respond, please send a message to smatthew at ccnet.com with
: Polls as the subject, and list each # with a yes or No. This poll will
: not be used against you, and all replies are confidential.
:      Thanks for your time and effort.

: -- 
: ---------------------------------------------
: "Nothing fun til someone loses an eye"

Sorry about all the confusion. I plead that you send your opinions to me, 
smatthew at ccnet.com instead of in the newsgroups. I want a Yes or No 
response, but I would be delighted if after you said yes, or no, you 
elaborated, and made me think you had brains. I'm not trying to cause 
trouble, or get flamed, I was just hoping to get some statistics for some 
speeches I have to give next month
"Nothing fun til someone loses an eye"

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