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Course description:

offered though The University of Western Ontario's, Faculty of
Part-Time and Continuing Education.

Health care in Canada is at a cross-roads.  Under the pressure of
economic constraints, we are increasingly faced with ethical
questions that reach to the core of our public health system.  In
this course, designed for caregivers in the health care field and
others interested in ethical issues, you explore questions of how
priorities could be set in the delivery of services.
Questions include:
- what health services should be available under the publicy-funded
- under what conditions should patients be granted (or denied) access
to available health services?
- how should rationing issues be decided and who decides?
Through thw online format you will become familiar with the main
concepts and arguments used to debate resource allocation in the
health care field.  Case studies are posted for discussion, and the
online format allows you to develop and express your own values and
moral views about these difficult issues without the inhibiting
effect of face-to-face interaction. You will need a basic
understanding of your communication software and a modem to take part
in the course.
Instructor: Micheal Yeo is a philosopher specializing in health care
ethics.  He has taught and lectured extensively in the field.  His
publications include, Concepts and Cases in Nursing Ethics and Ethics
and Economics in Health Care Resource Allocation.

The course begins March 6th, 1995 and Costs : $150.00 CDN

For more information call (519) 661-3631 or FAX (519) 661-3799 or
e-mail: questions at courier.ptce.uwo.ca, to register call anytime (519)

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