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Here's the course description:

Writing for Fun and Profit --an ONLINE course taught through the
University of Western Ontario's, Faculty of Part-Time and Continuing

Do you love to write, and envy people who get paid for it?  Do you
read articles and think you'd like to write that kind of thing.

Prepare yourself to become a freelance writer/journalist equipped
with the tools to help your articles get published.  This course
stresses practical work so be prepared to write.  Examine different
kinds of non-fiction writing, learn how to grab the reader's
attention and to develop your own particular style.  Interviewing
techniques are discussed and put to practical use in writing
articles.  Your writing is evaluated regularly through the course.
You are encouraged to complete at least one freelance article for
publication.  Journalistic experience is not necessary, but
enthusiasm is.  To do this course online you'll need a basic
understanding of your communication software and a modem.
Instructor: Mark Kearney, a successful freelance writer and teacher,
is the former Ontario Director for the Periodical Writers Association
of Canada.
Suggested reading:  William Zinsser, On Writing Well, an Informal
Guide to writing non-fiction, Harper Perennnial, 1990

The couse starts March 6th, 1995 and costs $150 CDN
For more information, please call (519) 661-3631, Fax (519) 661-3799
or e-mail us at questions at courier.ptce.uwo.ca .  To register call
(519) 661-3658 anytime.

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