Was Mitosis/S phase - NOW is cDNA

Bill Purves purves at muddcs.cs.hmc.edu
Sun Feb 5 18:15:16 EST 1995

We seem to be in a war of assertions, with one camp saying the
"c" in cDNA is for "complementary" and the other saying it's
for "copy."  Rather than just assert at each other, let's look
up how it is used in at least some of the literature.  Being at home,
I grabbed the nearest likely sources.  Suzuki (well, Griffiths et
al., AKA "Suzuki 5"), Watson et al. Mol Biol of the Gene, Gilbert
Devel Biol, and Darnell et al. all use cDNA as an abbreviation
for COMPLEMENTARY DNA.  So do I in my book, but that's just an
intro book...


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