language help update

gisela hoschek hoschek at JEEVES.UCSD.EDU
Tue Feb 7 12:41:20 EST 1995

>>I would like to offer help writing research papers for publication in
>>English. I am a mol. geneticist retired from the lab bench for health
>>reasons, but would like to stay involved. More INFO:
>>hoschek at>>

The response to my posting in January was tremendous. (Only one person
objected, regarding my posting "commercial"). Asian, South-American, and
European researchers, though, were enthusiastic, even grateful. I completed
a first assigment successfully, and want to keep my offer standing. If it
is really offensive to you when I post my message every other month or so,
let me know. I consider this not a goldmine, but really a service to our
scientific community. Sincerely, Gisela Hoschek

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