Itching theory?

Colin Cracknell colinc at
Tue Feb 7 17:06:55 EST 1995

Alternatively, I suspect there may be some equivalent of the 
acupuncturist's "meridians", whereby a sensation is transferred from one 
part of the body to another. This phenomenon is common with internal 
complaints, e.g. heart attacks are felt in the left arm, the pain from 
pleurisy is concentrated in the nipple.

I've discovered a repeatable form of the phenomemonon myself (apart from 
pleurisy, which I'm not anxious to repeat). If I have an itch in the 
almost-inaccessible part of my back, I scratch a point at the base of my 
right kneecap. This is almost as effective as scratching the itch itself, 
causing a vague scratching sensation on my back. The effective is 
quantitative (if I scratch my knee harder, I feel more on my back), and 
by dint of contortions I found it was bidirectional - if I scratch the 
right point on my back, I feel it in the knee.

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