Need moose information.

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>>> Any references to books on moose would be great as well.  Surely there is a
>>> "moose bible" out there.  We've check the University of Washington without
>>Sure, and it's got commandments, too:
>>1)  If it's edible, eat it.
>>2)  If it's hostile, charge it.
>>3)  Otherwise, mate with it.

>Don't forget the other important ones:

>4)  Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's fen
>5)  Thou shalt honor thy Bull and Cow

>and the golden rule

>When in the forest:
>Do unto others as Yew Wood have done unto you

>Groan and Bear it.

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The only full-time moose research station (part of Alaska Fish and Game) is 
near Sterling, AK on the Kenai Peninsula.  You might post to alt.culture.
alaska to see if someone can get you connected down there since I am no 
longer in Alaska or you could call AK Division of Fish and Game in Anchorage.

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