seeking AfricanAmer biologists

Craig Owens owensc at
Tue Feb 7 19:48:43 EST 1995

     Hello, I am a high school biology teacher at Allderdice Hihg School
in Pittsburgh PA.  I teach introductory biology to 9th and 10th grade
students of diverse culture and ability.  As you may or may not be aware,
February is African-American Heritage month and as an educator, I am 
taking this opportunity to integrate contributions that have been made
and are being made everyday by African-American biologists.  To this end
I seek the assistance of practicing biologists (African-Americans) who
could kindly take a few moments to e-mail me about some of the research
they are doing, what kinds of things they are interested in and what they 
have done/accomplished to get where they are.
     If you could help me, it would be greATly appreciated by both myself
and my students.  Be assured, a few words of success and encouragement can 
be a great motivater in the life of an emerging adult.
        Craig Owens
        owensc at

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