Strange behavoirs of great scientists

Tmlawyer tmlawyer at
Tue Feb 7 17:55:06 EST 1995

While I did not study with E. J. Corey, the famous chemist, my favorite
professor did and it is from him that this story derives.

Apparently, E. J. was compulsive about the color blue.  Everything in his
lab and home was a shade of that color and, of course, his car was, too. 
Every, repeat every suit was blue and his shirts were pale blue.  His ties
usually had some additional color, but were primarily blue.  

When his first book was printed, the cover was ....
he tinted his spaghetti ....  (just kidding)
doubtless, he even wore blue condoms.
when sexually frustrated ... etc...

Hellova chemisrt, though.

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