"Gay-Gene" Searching for info on the net.

Dr. A. Jamie Cuticchia jamie at gdb.org
Thu Feb 9 13:44:42 EST 1995

> Hi;
> I am wondering if anyone knows where I might find articles
> regarding media stories or published data on the "gay gene"
> theory. Ftp sites or any pointers to resources on the net
> would be appreciated.
> Thanks

I assume that you are referring to HMS1 "homosexuality 1" as named by Human
Nomeclature Committee.  

Limited information on the gene can be found in the Genome Data Base or OMIM.  
(In OMIM it is referred to as GAY1).

The WWW site for these databases is http://gdbwww.gdb.org/

The paper first describing this gene is:

	Hamer et al. Science:261 321-7 (1993).

For information on popular press coverage, possibly another reader of your
posting can help you out.

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