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In article <3h84p9$cro at africa.lm.com> tcheek at telerama.lm.com (Tony Cheek) writes:
>Scott Currier (scurrier at nyx10.cs.du.edu) wrote:
>> Close... but instead of taxing to make up the short fall, they cut the 
>> federal government back to what it was intended for... national defense.
>Almost there; the _federales_ should, optimally;
>	1. Print the money,

Why?  Have they not demonstrated their inability to do that effectively?
Private banking would be able to do it just as easily and reliably.  

>	2. Raise the Army.

No police?  I agree that police activities should primarily be a state
and local matter, but there are some things beyond their scope (such as
keeping track of folks like those WTC bombers for example, or international
crime gangs and their operations here) as well as coordinating interstate
manhunts and so on (and maintaining fingerprint databases and so on).

What the government needs to do is provide for an army, police, and courts
and that's all (well, you would need a few janitors and engineers to design
and maintain the court houses, guns, and police stations too, but you get the

>But then, Lincoln and the gang scuttled that a long time ago.

True enough, although Lincoln wasn't the only one or even the worst
(I'd give that "honor" to FDR).



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