"Instant Fish" and triops (eubranchiopoda)

John Foust syndesis at beta.inc.net
Fri Feb 10 18:04:32 EST 1995

Edmund Scientific has "Instant Fish Kits" for $20 or so with dried
fish eggs, plop them in water and they turn into live fish.

These are a kind of killie, aren't they?  If I grow them, dry out
their tank after they've laid eggs, any chance I'll end up with more
viable dry eggs?  Either way, I imagine they have a short natural
life expectancy, no?

Also, they sell "triops" (eubranchiopoda) kits for $7.  Are these
available from fish stores for less?  Anyone out there ever played
with these?

A picture of the "triops" in the American Science & Surplus catalog
makes it look like a little horseshoe crab, with a distinct shell and
tail.  It looked similar to some kind of southwestern lives-a-month-
in-a-puddle briny shrimp-like creature I saw for a few moments on a
documentary a week or so ago.  But the Edmund catalog shows something
that looks more like a pink fairy shrimp with eyes on stalks.

So what might be these freshwater horseshoe crab-like critters that I
saw in that short clip on the documentary, and where can I get some?

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