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>>>In response to the great scientists with strange behaviors...
>>>Peter Mitchell was the first to come up with the idea of the chemiosmotic 
>>>theory in mitochondria and atp synthesis.. lived in a castle in solitude...
>>>worked by himself and was sort of laughed at... interesting story I think.

Not exactly true. He worked in the dept. Zoology at the University of
Edinburgh (I now work in the room where he did some of his experiments).
His ideas about oxidative phosphorylation were at first not received
well by the scientific community and his work was not appreciated by the
"important" people in the dept (as mine is not now :)) and when he (or
his wife) inherited a vast fortune he built himself his own lab and
funded his own research (as I am going to do when I win the national
Lottery). I wouldnt call him strange. He was before his time in terms of
his ideas but I'm sure lots of scientists today would love to be given
the money to build themselves a lab and have enough money to do what
they wanted!

Rankin Small,
University of Edinburgh

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