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> Hello, everyone!
> I need your help.
> I am trying to equip our very new Lab. here at Yale. 
> Now, we need medical instruments, cages for laboratory animals  . . . 
> My QUESTIONS are: How and Where can I find companies that produce/sell 
that stuff?

Several journals, societies, and companies produce guides of one sort or
another. Science had a special "product guide" issue last year, but I
don't recall the date. The American Chemical society puts our a Biotech
Buyers' Guide with product and company listings ($25 - phone is
202.872.4600). There's also the North American Biotechnology Directory,
which has a listing of suppliers of biological products and lab equipment
(about $95, I think; phone is 713.529.0936).

Hope that helps - and, of course, I don't work for any of those organizations.

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