Novel form of Superoxide Dismutase

marius brouwer mbt at
Sat Feb 11 14:11:26 EST 1995

We have recently found that a large group of marine crustacea has a 
cytosolic SOD with a molecular weight similar to that of CuZnSOD. However
the activity of this protein cannot be inhibited by cyanide, hydrogen
peroxide or diethyldithiocarbamate, which would qualify this protein as
a MnSOD which seems very unlikely. Has anybody ever seen a CuZnSOD that 
is resistant to the three reagents above. Could it be that organisms that
use copper for oxygen transport (hemocyanin) have developed antioxidant
defense that is not dependent on copper, but on another transition metal
instead? I am puzzled and intrigued by our observations. Any ideas,
comments, sugestions wil be appreciated.

Marius Brouwer

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