lanthanum in media

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Mon Feb 13 17:03:43 EST 1995

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alan s bowman writes:
>I'm studying calcium fluxes in whole tick salivary glands incubated for about
 4 hours.
>Literature suggests 5mM lanthanum chloride should inhibit fluxes for othe
>Unfortunately, dissolving appropriate amount of lanthanum chloride
 heptahydrate causes a fluffy
>cloudy-like precpitate.
>The media I use is M199 (Sigma Cat#M-0393).
>Does anybody know what the precipitate is? and more importantly any
 suggestions to circumvent
>the problem?
Dear Alan,
	Sounds like a lanthanum hydroxide or oxide; try to raise or lower the
pH until it dissolves (and hope that the pH change doesn't mess up the exper-
iment).  Good luck.
				Bill Tivol

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