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Mon Feb 13 20:47:23 EST 1995

I intend to address this growing problem of unsolicited advertising at
length next week.  Unfortunately this week I am under the gun to
finish another project by this Friday.

The latest incident overrode the moderation mechanism of all moderated
USENET newsgroups to which the ad was posted.  The message was NOT
approved by the moderators.

There are several issues that need to be addressed, but I'd suggest
that we remain calm in the interim.  Better yet, get a USENET
newsreader so that you don't have to have your mail file cluttered.

I must admit that the amount of time that has been spent sending me
lengthy protest letters about these incidents consumes probably 100
times as much time as simply deleting the messages without reading
them.  Having said this, I also don't want these incidents to
discourage people from using the net.

Until I have more time to respond at length, please ponder the
following: the postman probably brings junk mail to your snail mail
box every day.  Hopefully we don't react to this intrusion by drawing
a gun and yelling and screaming every time he comes around 8-).

I remain committed to taking action to terminate the Internet access
of people who violate the rules.  It is safe to assume that I see
these network wide attacks - there is no need for users to send me
more copies of them.  I am much more concerned about being alerted to,
e.g., people who post single copy product promotions to our METHODS
newsgroup.  These are the kind of things that I might miss in the
volume of messages.

Thanks for *not* trying to draw me into a discussion about this until
next week!


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at

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