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>>> mel turner writes:
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  --> What is the scientific name of the Larch Mountain salamander, a
  >> caudate endemic to a small area along the Oregon/Washington
  >> Border?

  mel> I think it is a Plethodon sp., but I'd have to look it up to
  mel> get the species name.  Try the Peterson field guide by
  mel> Stebbins.  (or try asking the folks over in sci.bio.herp) mdt

In answer to this question, the Larch Mtn Salamder is Plethodon
larselli. It is endemic to the Lower Columbia River Gorge,
encompassing parts of Skamania County in Washington, and Hood and
Multnomah Counties in Oregon. 

The other question, about "So Excellent a Fishe", the book is by
Archie Carr and concerns sea turtles. Nice man.

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