Plea for simple self subscription instructions

Jonathan B. Marder MARDER at
Wed Feb 15 02:28:14 EST 1995

I Know that email subscriptions to the biosci newsgroups are now discouraged.
I also am not interested in email subcriptions for myself.  However, as a
discussion leader, I do need to know about how to do this.  The current
instructions for self-subscription are either missing, or buried in huge
FAQ documents.  Yeterday, I tried getting help from MXT at RL.AC.UK (that's what
was listed on the BIOSCI gopher!) but my email was returned (address bad).

Please can we see a short document or news posting which contains basic
instructions for email subscriptions at both the UK and the US Biosci sites?

Please also can someone check that the documentation currently on the BIOSCI
servers is indeed up to date.


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