Jeremy Collins jeremyc at
Tue Feb 14 18:40:33 EST 1995

Ken Hudson <kenhuds at MBnet.MB.CA> writes:

>	I am trying to find some information on the "flesh eating 
>bacteria" that was recently in the media. The grade seven class would 
>also like some information on Legionnaires disease.
The condition is called necrotizing mylitis and results from the
Streptococcus spp. that is common to the respiratory system, makes
its way to a wound and finds an anaeroic conditions. A library search
at any major university or city library should provide enough
information. If not, I can do a search for you and point you
toward the right sources. One possible source would be symptoms and
diagnosis type med book. New microbiology books may have something....
especially clinical micro books (for both topics....Legionnaire's
can be found in any intro micro book).

>	If you have any information or could direct me to locations that 
>could help my search please contact me. 

>	Thanks.

>	Kenhuds at MBnet.MB.CA

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