Chromosome Terror abrdlher at
Thu Feb 16 08:36:35 EST 1995

Well, if you eat all that everyday I wouldn't be at all surprised if you 
became a balloon in the next month or so...
Exercise helps...
As it does simply having the will to eat when we are hungry, and not just 
because 'mmmmm, looks nice!'
I have a good way to help the will, and I am willing to share it with the 
rest of the world, right here, right now...
are you ready for this?

try living on a uk PhD studentship money... you'll sure lose weigh!

(except if you spend it all on beer, that is!)

Nacho, but from an non-edible species...

On 10 Feb 1995, Foxvulpes wrote:

> First it was low calorie, then all protein, then bananas, then rice, then
> low carbohydrate/high fat, then low fat . . . somewhere in there were beta
> blockers.  Does anything really work besides eating less?

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