Positive effects of alcohol on human body ??....

Aaron Benner oususaab at gemini.oscs.montana.edu
Wed Feb 15 16:48:06 EST 1995

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>I was wondering if anyone can help me on this news group...  
>I need to know the positive effects of alcohol (drinking)  

Unless I am mistaken, and I often am, a recent study affirmed that a
glass or two of red wine helps to control cholesterol.

>on the human body.  Also, a list with explanations of all  
>the negative effects (obvious or unobvious) 

This one's a little easier.  In the pathway to convert EtOH to somthing
nice it goes through an acetaldehyde step.  Acetaldehyde (sp) happens to
be a rather good pickling agent  :0

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