Finding sequences

Rob Harper harper at
Thu Feb 16 11:52:42 EST 1995

In article <djt-1602951443050001 at>, djt at (David John Thornley) writes:
>I wonder if anyone could point me to an ftp site or URL where I might find
>lists of DNA regions and their base sequences available for ordering.  I
>need to find samples with sequences displaying certain characteristics in
>their coding information, so an ASCII sequence listing and common name for
>the region would suffice.  It really does not matter what higher order
>character the regions display, e.g. plasmid, cosmid, mainstream genomic.
>Yours with thanks in anticipation,
>Dave Thornley

You can query the EMBL database at the foillowing URL

and the EBI ftp site for software and sequences is at


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