Need e. coli plasmid..

Santosh Noronha noronha at
Thu Feb 16 12:32:26 EST 1995

	I'm trying to express a S. cerevisiae gene in E. coli, with the
intention of carrying out an in vivo reaction using the protein produced.
The protein would have to be present (in a soluble form, no inclusion bodies!)
in the cytoplasm, thus ruling out fusion proteins. The only similar
work im currently familiar with is the cloning of zymomonas pyruvate 
decarboxylase and alcohol dehydrogenase into a pBR322 based plasmid by
Dr Lonnie Ingram's group at Florida, Gainesville, thus allowing E. coli to 
produce ethanol. My process would be analogous to his.
	Would anyone on the net provide me with pointers to E. coli 
expression plasmids capable of doing this? And also could anyone provide me 
with an e-mail address to anyone in Dr Ingram's group?
	Santosh Noronha
	noronha at

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