Peter D. Krevat pkrevat at
Thu Feb 16 17:04:50 EST 1995


	I am a physician in Atlanta, and my patients have presented 
dozens of interesting diet plans to me, from fat-binding pills to all 
grapefruit (yes, the old grapefruit diet).  My best advice to you is 
exercise (which is probably not the answer you were looking for).  
Aerobic exercise (with your doctor's blessing, of course) increases your 
metabolism during and for several hours after your effort.  As little a 8 
minutes, three times in one day can make a difference.
	I hope this helps.

					Peter Krevat, M. D.
					pkrevat at

On 10 Feb 1995, Foxvulpes wrote:

> First it was low calorie, then all protein, then bananas, then rice, then
> low carbohydrate/high fat, then low fat . . . somewhere in there were beta
> blockers.  Does anything really work besides eating less?

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