Sheep Pregnant by People and the Philosohy of Science

Mon Feb 20 18:20:34 EST 1995

I'm glad this point came back up again, 'cause I'd lost the original 
post. After the initial hilarity, some folks around here started 
discussing this question. Now most people with at least high school 
biology could answer the question (chromosome number would at least be a 
good start) but how would you explain the answer to someone who doesn't 
have even secondary level education, let alone tertiary level genetics. 
Somehow from here the topic wandered on to philosophical matters, but I 
think the basic question has yet to be answered - has science digressed 
so far from its role as a means of answering questions, that we can no 
longer perform this function for the people who need it the most ? Or am I 
reading far too much into this ? I need more coffee.


"They don't so much fly, as plummet"

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