human gets sheep pregnant?

Mike Dalrymple dalrymple at
Mon Feb 20 10:05:24 EST 1995

In article <3hivcu$huc at> Janiece Raylene Hutchins,
hutchin3 at writes:
>I work at a wastewater plant, with people who are not very educated.
>A majority of those people believe a man can get a sheep pregnant.
>They say they believe it because a female's sheeps reproductive parts
>are so much like that of a human woman.  A few of us who have had 
>college Biology tried to argue, but the other will not believe it.
>I have be challenged to find proof that it is impossible.  If someone will 
>send me e-mail, someone that is a doctor or other type expert.  I have
>many biology text books and will also use that as proof.  
>(send e-mail to hutchin3 at

Just what do you mean by proof?  Perhaps a post to is
order?  Seriously though, what do your workmates imagine a cross between a
human and a sheep would look like?

Anthony, not in a very helpful mood

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