CALL FOR DISCUSSION: AMYLOID/bionet.molbio.amyloid

skoufos at skoufos at
Tue Feb 21 13:54:56 EST 1995

> (deleted)
>The aim of the newsgroup is to be a discussion forum for researchers
>on Alzheimer's disease and related disorders ( including prion

  The newsgroup is only intended to be for the use of people
>**actively** working in the field of dementia research.

I think that this would be very impractical to establish since you would
need to moderate all posts and you need to make sure that the e-mail
subscriptions are going only to "**active** dementia researchers".
Furthermore, IMHO biologists, or anybobody in that matter, interested in any
particular subject should be excluded from the use of a particular group.
I am sure that this is *not* your intention :-).  Please, modify the above
statement or exclude it from your charter.  


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