eye color - changing with mood

Tmlawyer tmlawyer at aol.com
Tue Feb 21 18:46:54 EST 1995

I have a hypothesis.

First, I do not believe that the iris changes.  I know that it is
sufficiently invariant that it can be used for biometric identification to
the extent of 1x10**34 or better.  There are patents on this and a new
company in NJ exploiting this fact.

By the same token, I believe the persons who claim to see changes.

Perhaps the perceived difference is the iris against a changing
background, e.g. the lids and adjacent skin surfaces.  A person is said to
be "blue" for a reason; the blood pressure is lower .... often
dramatically ... when depressed.  Conversely, the b.p. is very high and
the skin is flushed when aroused.  This would be most pronounced in
Caucasians and would be apparent most readily with green/blue/hazel/gray

What do you think?  Plausible?  I would be pleased to help do the
experimental on this ... especially the high blood pressure portions.

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