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Charles M Richmond (cmr at world.std.com) wrote:
: byoder at netcom.com (Brian K. Yoder) writes:

: In support of this , I will mention that currently English and Scottish
: notes are printed by the various national banks , eg Royal Bank of Scotland
: National Bank of Scotland, Bank of England, etc) 

Not entirely true, the only bank in England and Wales that *Issues* banknotes
is the Bank of England. It's only in Scotland that all the clearing banks can
issue their own banknotes. Although all part of the United Kingdom,   
Scotland does have some of its own laws.

Also the Bank of England is a government department so in England its
only the Government that prints banknotes.

Of course the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland etc., all have their
own banknotes, but paranoid as they are, English Shop owners tend
to refuse them as they think they are counterfeit :)

Bit of triva, when the new issues of British Banknotes came out they
all had (c) The Governor and company of the Bank of England 1993 on them.



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