human gets sheep pregnant?

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Wed Feb 22 14:47:05 EST 1995

Another way to argue back is in evolutionary terms... how do species 
isolate from the others? If isolation does not exist, interbreeding would 
mix the population, so in the end only one species would exist.
Think of that too... that's rather more interesting to talk about than 
the actual biochemistry going on for fecundation to occur...


On Mon, 20 Feb 1995, Mike Dalrymple wrote:

> In article <3hivcu$huc at> Janiece Raylene Hutchins,
> hutchin3 at writes:
> >I work at a wastewater plant, with people who are not very educated.
> >A majority of those people believe a man can get a sheep pregnant.
> >They say they believe it because a female's sheeps reproductive parts
> >are so much like that of a human woman.  A few of us who have had 
> >college Biology tried to argue, but the other will not believe it.
> >I have be challenged to find proof that it is impossible.  If someone will 
> >send me e-mail, someone that is a doctor or other type expert.  I have
> >many biology text books and will also use that as proof.  
> >(send e-mail to hutchin3 at
> Just what do you mean by proof?  Perhaps a post to is
> in
> order?  Seriously though, what do your workmates imagine a cross between a
> human and a sheep would look like?
> Anthony, not in a very helpful mood

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