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Thu Feb 23 11:42:57 EST 1995

I particularly liked "Genetics, a molecular approach" by T.A.Brown, 
Chapman & Hall...
That book is wonderfully written and turned my ecology interests into the 
molecular biologist I am now...
Simple, but great.
"Gene Cloning" by the same author is a small very useful book too. Again 
is introductory, but very good.

And "Molecular Biology of the Gene" J.Watson et al. covers just about 
everything... check them out!

That "Molecular Biology of the Cell" together with L.Stryer's 
"Biochemistry" are to me two great books anybody (in this field) should 


On Wed, 22 Feb 1995, Leslie Gartner wrote:

> On Sun, 19 Feb 1995, SL wrote:
> > I am looking for a general and curent introduction to molecular biology. 
> > Can anyone recommend a book?  Any help would be appreciated.
> > 
> > 
> SL,
> Try Alberts et al. "Molecular Biology of the Cell," Published by Garland 
> Publishing Company, 717 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10022. This book is in 
> its 3rd edition. It is wonderfully well written. If you want to look 
> through it before purchasing, try any liberal arts college library, 
> they're bound to have a copy or two.
> Les Gartner

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