eye color - changing with mood

Daniel Berman bermand at maths.tcd.ie
Thu Feb 23 16:31:05 EST 1995

longo at ix.netcom.com (longo agora) writes:

>There is a person of my acquaintance whose hazel eyes (greenish/gray) 
>turn crystal blue when this lady is happily excited- no other mood will 
>cause this- I have long wondered at this - will a knowledgeable person 
>please explain?

Could it be to do with the refractive index of the fluids on the
eye.  I know you can get eye drops which claim to make you eyes
sparkle / go more blue.  Maybe changes the nature or type of fluid
in her eyes, changing the R.I., and thus changing hazel eyes, which
have some blue, to brilliant blue.

Purely supposition of course!  But it must be a very satisfying
thing to watch happen!!


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