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 - has science digressed 
> so far from its role as a means of answering questions, that we can no 
> longer perform this function for the people who need it the most ? Or am I 
> reading far too much into this ? I need more coffee.
> Peter
> "They don't so much fly, as plummet"

Well, I got the original question and also I sent an answer which I hope
was enough clear. Regarding your question, I think that sometimes
scientific problems are so complicated and require such sophisicated
intellectual media to be approached that they are really too far away from
not-scientists (or even from scientists of other disciplines). But usually
such problems are also away from the interest of common people and I think
that if educated people know properly their matter, they can also find the
way to explain it to non-educated ones. What I think should be done is
improving the level of basic education as the level of scientific research
(and its complexity) increases, in order to allow more people to live
better together for example the new technologies. (How do you think could
react to a computer people who doubt that they can get sheeps pregnant? But
probably it could turn out more useful for them to learn how to use a
computer than how to have safe sex with a sheep.)
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