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Thu Feb 23 19:50:41 EST 1995

1) My best wishes on the *New* bionet - this is a most exciting development!

Getting down to work...

>*NO ONE* will do the moderation!!  It will be done by machine and
>elimnate the need to find people to preapprove/edit messages.  The
>only criterion will be that one has preregistered to post to the
>BIOSCI newsgroups.
>On the administrative side, the drawback is that every potential
>poster has to be listed and the address in the listing would have to
>be current.

The amount of manual effort could be reduced by careful planning of the 
automoderation scheme, IMHO.

1) It should be programmed to be fairly flexible as to addresses, and 
have the ability to easily add aliases.  If I join as:
   steffen at
...and later post as...
   steffen at
I think the software ought to accept my posting.

Going farther, suppose I post from:
   steffen at
...perhaps, rather than just outright rejecting my post, it ought to send 
me email at steffen at, asking me if I want to add my 
blackbox address as an alias.  If steffen at is not me, I 
obviously say no.  However, if I say yes, then my held message is 
automatically posted.

Bear in mind that we are coming from a system with absolutely no 
validation so we need not move to one with perfect security; *reduction* 
of inappropriate posts is all that is required, not *elimination*.

Please note that the above is independent of who is allowed to join and 
what the criteria for joining are.

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