The color of the Eyes

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Fri Feb 24 14:51:27 EST 1995

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> Did you see the other recent post asking about changes in eye colour with
> mood?
>  The post described a woman whose eyes change from hazel to blue in times
> of
>  pleasurable excitement (ahem..), and my eyes change from brownish hazel
> to
>  green, although I can't provide such a salacious correlation with
> mood.:-)
> Any ideas?  It has always puzzled me.
> Anthony

I also have blue eyes wich turn green or grey. I cannot find any obvious
correlation with mood or pleasure (ahem, actually neither I or my partner
pay too much attention to the colour of eyes in such I
cannot say I checked it carefully), but they are obvoiusly changing to grey
when I am ill. Could it be realted to the levels of melanine in clump
cells? I heard that it is more common in light-eyed people.
I am really curious.
maga at

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