Digitized plant (&) pictures on offer (free)

Marco_Bleeker mbleeker at euronet.nl
Fri Feb 24 02:27:51 EST 1995

>  Hi all,

>  I have some digitized plant pictures on offer. Last year I had 2 Kodak
>Photo CD's made, a total of about 180 good pictures.

>* DUTCH WILD PLANTS, but also some from other parts of Europe, and quite
>  a few garden plants as well.
>* TROPICAL RAIN FOREST: Surinam (S.A.). Mostly plants, many of them
>  epiphytes, but also the odd butterfly, frog, snake, lizard, etc. And
>  some human beings too (Djoeka Bushnegro, Galibi Indians).

>  If you are interested, just ask me, and I'll send you a species list of
>one of these CD's. I can also attach a JPG-file, being a 'contact sheet'
>of a selection of 24 'thumbnails' of either one CD. These are 108 Kb.
>  From that you could make your choice. I will distribute JPG's of my
>photo's for free, as long as it's for non-commercial use. These JPG's
>will be about 120,000 pixels (e.g. 300 x 400), 75% quality, varying from
>25 to 50 Kb.

>  I use Eudora, and if you do too, you can skip reading this paragraph I
>suppose. The attached JPG files will be encoded in the Mime format - as a
>default. If your e-mail program does not support this, please tell me how
>you want me to send the picture files. I can also encode with BinHex, or
>include a Uuencoded file in the msg-body. At the moment I am gathering a
>short list of FTP-sites that carry decoding programs.

>  Well, enough technotalk, let's make the Internet and our desktop a
>more beautiful place !  Send in your replies now, I'm ready for them -
>this week :-)

>  Bye, Marco
>  <mbleeker at euronet.nl>

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