CALL FOR DISCUSSION: AMYLOID/bionet.molbio.amyloid

David Small david_small at
Fri Feb 24 01:36:39 EST 1995

As discussion leader on the amyloid mailing list, can I start off by suggesting that the newsgroup be re-named
bionet.neuroscience.amyloid, to more accurately reflect the charter, which deals
with amyloid-related dementias (i.e., of relevance to neuroscience).  While there 
are other amyloidoses, these other diseases have little in common with the CNS amyloidoses.

David Small

BIOSCI Administrator <biosci-help at> wrote:

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> Proposal to establish AMYLOID/bionet.molbio.amyloid
> Proposed USENET name:           bionet.molbio.amyloid
> Proposed mailing list name:     AMYLOID
> Proposed e-mail addresses:      amyloid at
>                                 amyloid at
> Discussion leader:              David Small
>                                 david_small at
> Newsgroup charter:
> The aim of the newsgroup is to be a discussion forum for researchers
> on Alzheimer's disease and related disorders ( including prion
> diseases).  The newsgroup is only intended to be for the use of people
> **actively** working in the field of dementia research.  Areas covered
> include the biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology of
> amyloidogenesis, the epidemiology and clinical features of Alzheimer's
> disease, scrapie, CJD etc.
> Material which would be welcome for posting includes: 1) the
> advertisement of scientific conferences, 2) questions of a technical
> or scientific nature.  Postings related to issues of carer support,
> ageing (in general, i.e., not dementia related) and advertisement of
> commercial products should not be made on this mailing list.
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