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Tue Feb 21 17:58:14 EST 1995

Brian K. Yoder (byoder at netcom.com) wrote:
: Strict oversight?  By whom?  Why?  What short of absolute insanity (or
: government regulations) could cause a bank to print more demand certificates
: for its gold than there's gold to pay it back with?  Of course someone 
: could try to pull a scam where they essentially drained all the money out of
: the bank and fled, but laws against fraud and oversight by a board of 
: directors would be far more effective and far more sensible than unleasing
: an army of pointless clueless useless bureaucrats on the banking system.

I think someone forgot about the recent S&L debacle.  In many instances,
exactly what you describe was done.

Laws against fraud and oversight by BODs don't penalize if they flee to a 
country w/o an extradition treaty w/ the US.

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