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>Numbers 2, 3, and 4 can be addressed by an idea first brought to our
>attention some time ago by one of our helpful readers, David Steffen.
>*NO ONE* will do the moderation!!  It will be done by machine and
>elimnate the need to find people to preapprove/edit messages.  The
>only criterion will be that one has preregistered to post to the
>BIOSCI newsgroups.

  I hate to say it, but I think this is totally unworkable. I have been
cajolling people to use bionet for years. I would say that very few people
are going to be interested in it if they have to go through this
registration process. If I can't take a new users, and let them get thier
question out right away, they aren't going to find bionet worthwhile.
And then there will be the inevitable technical problems and delays.
  I don't think it will help prevent spamming anyway. A lot of new spam is
comming in with forged Approved: lines anyway. Probably the best way
to prevent spam is by the use of cancelbots. But these bots won't cancel
articles in moderated groups.
  If you really feel the need, run a cancelbot specifically for bionet.
You could cancel articles posted to a bionet group, and some number of non-
bionet groups. It wouldn't have to be many. I don't think I've seen a
legitimate article posted to more than 2 non-bionet groups and a bionet

>On the other hand, the registration process could be more stringent,
>requiring users to actually give some kind of proof that they were, in
>fact, researchers, and not just curiosity seekers.  This topic could
>be the subject of intense debate, I'm sure 8-).

   This topic is plainly idiotic. I'm not interested in proving to anyone
that I'm a Real Scientist, and I wouldn't respect anyone who went in for
this. The ATCC may want people to have an affiliation, but they are 
sending potentially dangerous organism throught the mail. Bionet is an
informational forum.


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