Info sought- Crohn's Disease

Amy Lyn Burnett ALBURNETT at
Sat Feb 25 12:57:39 EST 1995

Could someone give me some information on Crohn's disease (I believe
this is how it is spelled)- such as how it is diagnosed and how it
affects the body?  Doctors are currently testing my 16 year old 
sister (who has 4 ulcers on her esophagus), but she refuses to have a
'colonoscopy' (sp?) performed.  Is this necessary for a diagnosis?
Also, is this a genetic disease, or one acquired in life? The doctors 
my mother has been talking with don't seem to be giving her much feed-
back in the matter.

My apologies for posting this in an inappropriate news group, and 
any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Amy Burnett
alburnett at 

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