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>>However, bear in mind one thing that happened during the CREDIT REPAIR spam; 
>>the spammers included the magic cookie to allow the adds to be posted to 
>>moderated groups. Auto-moderation will work to eliminate the clueless spammers
>>but, unless a fundamental change is made in the news transport software and
>>replicated globally, a determined SPAMmer will bypass any auto-moderation 
>Right.  I mentioned this in my original posting.  Such a person will
>also deserve and hopefully get more severe treatment than one who
>posts indiscriminately to open newsgroups.  Too bad one can't pass a
>law against this that could be enforced 8-).
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Think about a system where every person has to have a valid Email  return to be able to
post at all. If the system validates the Email address you run the other
tests. If an  add slips in the news group every member of that group
should send the sender a set of the posting rules. This will do two things.
I You place an add to get a positive response, if you only or mostly get
negative responses you missed your goal.
II it will clock up the persons system as it clocked up the newgroup. Ok it
will also create network trafic. But if we dont do some thing fast we will
have soap add all over the news groups. After all this is the only way of
free adds.

Moderation two:
For me as a reader. It whould help if the posting rules would bee. If you
ask a question put a ? as a frist character of the topic line. So a program
could get the FAQ and send a automatic return. Like the program you are looking
for is located at this sever, or so. With a good set of symbols a the first
character position. You could propably automate most of the managing tasks
If school kids what to ask questions fine. If I see the ? and may be a level
charater I can see if I have time to answer. 

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