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Fri Feb 24 19:00:10 EST 1995

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> As discussion leader on the amyloid mailing list, can I start off by suggesting
>  that the newsgroup be re-named
> bionet.neuroscience.amyloid, to more accurately reflect the charter, which deals> with amyloid-related dementias (i.e., of relevance to neuroscience).  While
>  there 
> are other amyloidoses, these other diseases have little in common with the CNS
>  amyloidoses.
> David Small
> Newsgroup charter:
> > 
> > The aim of the newsgroup is to be a discussion forum for researchers
> > on Alzheimer's disease and related disorders ( including prion
> > diseases).  The newsgroup is only intended to be for the use of people
> > **actively** working in the field of dementia research.  Areas covered
> > include the biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology of
> > amyloidogenesis, the epidemiology and clinical features of Alzheimer's
> > disease, scrapie, CJD etc.

Dear David,
Perhaps the use of "amyloid" in the newsgroup name does not accurately reflect
the charter either as it is proposed to also discuss other areas of Alzheimers
research,(presumably including neurotransmitter deficits etc.)

Would a better name be bionet.neuroscience.alzheimer?
Just my thoughts to help the discussion period along.

Best wishes,
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