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>1) I am well aware that very harsh language is common on usenet (as
>distinct from bionet), but I consider that a bug not a feature (1).  I 
>beg everyone to make the effort to maintain the current level of decorum 
>on bionet even during debate on issues about which you feel strongly.

I apologize for responding to my own post, but it has been pointed out to 
me that my original post is marked by some newsreaders as being in response 
to a post by Mike Cherry, despite the fact that he is not quoted.

Mike Cherry is *not* *at* *all* the subject of the above admonition.  I 
apologize to him for making it appear that he might be.  I wanted to 
respond to the topic in general to the topic rather than to any specific 
message and [r]eplied to the last message on that topic (without 
quoting any of it) not realizing the consequence of so doing.

My sincere apologies to both Mike and to the entire group for the 
confusion I caused.

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