DNA testing in crime

Prof Tom Lee tomlee at anselm.edu
Sun Feb 26 11:11:01 EST 1995

Dear Amvid,

Say, as long as you want someone else to do your bibliography for you, 
why not just ask for a typed paper on the subject? What the heck, just 
because students used to actually have to go to the library and look up 
stuff, now that they can put out an electronic call for someone else to 
do all that messy labor, why not just ask for the whole package? 

Tom Lee

On 22 Feb 1995, AMVID wrote:

> I am doing a paper on DNA testing in crime.  It will consist of
> fingerprinting, blood testing, and other related material.  I would
> appreciate any information that could be sent to me.  You can E-mail it to
> AMVID at aol.com
> If you do send information, could you please include a bibliography or the
> information needed to make one.
> Thank you in advance.

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