Sheep Pregnant by People and the Philosohy of Science

Matt Zalnasky zalnasky at
Sat Feb 25 12:21:49 EST 1995

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> ... but I think the basic question has yet to be answered 
>- has science digressed so far from its role as a means of answering
questions, > that we can no  longer perform this function for the people
who need it the   > most 


I agree. Communicating scientific ideas to the lay public is a skill which
should be emphasized more in our training. I guess the key is to develope
analogies that everyone can understand. 

Have we lost the ability to deseminate knowledge to the public?
Communicating ideas requires that the student be willing to listen. I
seems that many people would rather listen to a charismatic phsychic than
a knowledgable scientist. In my opinion,iIt will be a tough battle to win
back the publics trust. I would bet that whatever explanation is given as
to why sheep and humans can't mate and produce offspring will not satisfy
the people back at the waste treatment plant. Do you think they're really
interested or just in it for laughs?

Rob J.

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