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>>>On the other hand, the registration process could be more stringent,
>>>requiring users to actually give some kind of proof that they were, in
>>>fact, researchers, and not just curiosity seekers.  This topic could
>>>be the subject of intense debate, I'm sure 8-).

>>   This topic is plainly idiotic. I'm not interested in proving to anyone
>>that I'm a Real Scientist, and I wouldn't respect anyone who went in for

>Although I think that the use of the word "idiotic" is a bit too
>strong, thanks for your comments on the above.  I'd like to hear from
>others on this.

I for one would appreciate some pre-filtering. Would it not be possible
for a moderator to separate the submissions, putting the "science project
questions" into one newsgroup and the more research-oreinted ones
into a separate group (perhaps of the same name but with ".res" added to
the end)?

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