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Let me throw in a bit of the news admin's perspective.

=> Richard H. Miller (rick at wrote:

: However, bear in mind one thing that happened during the CREDIT REPAIR spam; 
: the spammers included the magic cookie to allow the adds to be posted to 
: moderated groups.

There is certainly room for improvement in the verification of
approval.  If improvements made it into the 2 major news server
packages, it could make a difference.   I don't quite know whether
I expect this to happen, but it's been discussed.

In article <3ilbhg$kdn at>,
Keith Robison <robison at> wrote:

=> I don't expect it to be driven by BIONET ( :-) `, but I do expect the
=> whole news scheme to be drastically rethought...

=> An alternative would be for a few central sites (such as
=> to keep copies of the news for the newsgroups they oversee (which,
=> of course, BIONET already does).  When users want news, they request
=> it from the central site.

This is a periodic "hot topic", currently being re-hashed under
"Subject: Overhauling usenet" in,
alt.culture.usenet, news.future, news.groups, alt.culture.internet.
[ I think that's the correct thread/groups ]

I encourage anyone who's interested to check out that discussion.

    Here's my summary of the conventional wisdom:

No one would volunteer their site as the sole source of _any_ newsgroup
because they would be swamped with client connections.

The concept of caching material closer to the user is intriguing,
but no one has fleshed out a proposed implementation yet.  It's
entirely possible that a regional or organizational caching site
as "proxy" news server could make this work.  I think this is
feasible, but it has not been done.  Probably it would be
implemented as a separate entity from Usenet.

=> It's not difficult to imagine such a system growing out of the WWW,

It is if you watch the bandwidth requirements of WWW as lots of people
use it!

The current system, with all its warts and loopholes, makes a VERY
good trade-off between NNTP's bandwidth usage on the organization's
(expensive) network connection and local storage (relatively cheap)
for the news articles.

We use the expensive WAN-bandwidth to transfer one copy of articles in
the groups to which we subscribe. That subscription list can be
tailored in various ways to the needs of each site.

=> and perhaps NNTP already has provisions for such things (does it?).

Nope.  Here is a fertile field for those with imagination and design


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